TowerClicks project

Hello to you all again.
Currently I have stopped posting for some time due to a project I joined. That project is called TowerClicks, and its trying to make some change in PTC world.
After TowerClicks launch, you can check its promotional offers (it will ask you to join other PTC's under towerclicks ref link), and will pay you 50% of the money your clicks generates to towerclicks. And that isn't all, after some payouts, towerclicks will upgrade, and then members of towerclicks will earn even more. This is the kind of projects that is good to open. It can never end up a scam, since there will always be money to pay users (in this case, 50% more money to pay).

So if you are interested and want to learn some more, feel free to join towerclicks.

try TowerClicks


(PTC) Neobux.

Neobux is one of the best Paid To Clicks out there, where you can earn up to 2cents per click. They are one of the few PTC that have geo-targeted ads (translating, advertisers can pick the target population that will receive the ads). This was a great move, since a French webhosting company wouldn't want to advertise worldwide, but only inside france for example. Neobux also allows you to rent referrals only, instead of spending alot buying them. The minimum payout is $2, and (it had) automatic payouts, what is really great! You should try it for yourself. I will post my payment proofs later on.

try Neobux

Evaluation: 8 bucks out of 10.


Small introduction to PTC.

To those that are unware of what a PTC (or Paid-to-Click), is a program where you get generally more rewards than in one Paid To Read; The best paid to click open untill today is Bux.to, since they've proved they would last, and they reached the maximum success a ptc can get. The problem is that they are very slow at making payments, and that its almost impossible to get referrals.

In a paid to click you are paid for viewing ads an amount of time. The price for every 30 seconds generally is around 1cent. And, with the big difference from paid to reads, you only have 1 level of downline, and you are rewared with 100% of the money they get. Upgrading or purchasing referrals is a good point when you're aiming to maximise your monthly profit, tho, its getting risky to invest in new PTC's that appear in the market, since many of them only last a couple (if a couple) of months, and then the admins will run away with your money.

When you want to invest in a Pay To Click try searching the internet. Search for possible scam awards (Generally search that ptc name with the word "scam" after it, and you will have the best results about it), find if there are official forums, and try contacting support to make sure everything is working fine. Get your fingers on and start clicking your daily ads. Its a worse job than in a PaidToLink program (like uCash) but better than a PaidToRead. Bigger risks, better rewards haven't you heard before? This applies perfectly to Paid-To-Click programs.

Hope you enjoyed the little introduction to PTC world.


uCash - Get money for sharing links

uCash is an amazing program that allows you to shrink any URL and they even PAY YOU for having others clicking it! (So, how I like to call it, Paid-To-Link)

I wanted you to see my payment proof, or to see another site, with a long address ( http://www.thisAdressIsReallyLong.AndItBoresMeToWriteIt.def) i could convert it into something like http://ucash.in/0141245 . And all users that click in that would see the long adress page and you earn cash. What does ucash earns in advantage?! They have 2 options for you. Either you decide to make an intermission Ad, meaning that when user clicks in ucash link they will see for 15 seconds they publicity (pays higher this one), or you can ask uCash only to add a tiny banner on top of the page. No one complains, and you profit! Like Mr. Daniel R. Scroggin said "
The only way to know how customers see your business is to look at it through their eyes."
Try yourself this link that will redirect you to a page you should send people that don't like to search in google before asking:

Link with intermission ad: Click to see how it looks.

Link with top banner: Click to see how it looks.

Is that bothering having a top banner?! Even when you make cash from it?
uCash is defenitly a great program.

Negative side: you only earn 20% of your clicks. This is due to the 10 level referrals you get. But to compensate this, if you get an active referral that wants to get referrals for his own also, your a lucky winner!

try uCash

Evaluation: 7 bucks out of ten.

LinkReferral - An Amazing Traffic Exchange tool

For around 5 months i'm testing LinkReferral and I can't stop being more surprised! LinkReferral is a good program that I found while surfing IsabelMarcos Paid-To-Click program. You only need to review 5 websites per day, view 30 (no waiting time, so you can click, and then close), and add one as your favourites. This will make your own website climb to the top of the list, meaning you can easily earn from 30 to 60 views to your website daily. Imagine with one or two referrals the traffic explosion your site would get? Best of all, its for free. You have there a good way of sharing referral links and earn some referrals without wasting some of your own money! I really enjoy that site. Join and start delivering traffic to your site or your referral link.

try LinkReferral

Evaluation: 8 bucks out of 10.


myLot is an interesting web program with a quite amazing community and really hot discussions. This is what I knew about it before I spent some more time reviewing the program more deeply. For those that never heard of myLot, there you can view the latest discussions, news, and blog postings all tailored to your interests and personal experience on myLot. So its quite a good site to mark as your homepage, instead of Google. What I found more interesting is that myLot allows users to make money (of course, or I wouldn't be posting a review about it); myLot pays you to use myLot (obviously), post discussions and respond to discussions.

(according to their faq, that I will paste here, you can earn money by:
Using myLot, post in discussions boards and responding to discussions.
Post quality content. For example, generate discussions that engage other users and provide insightful responses and comments to other users discussions to further the topic
Refer friends. For each person you send to myLot you will receive a bonus equal to 25% of their discussion and image earnings.)

You can request your money when you reach $10, and they pay you to PayPal (personally I thank them for that). We can say its a really trusty program for the time they are online, and for so many happy surfers. myLot isn't made to pay users, its made for users to enjoy surfing it, so it allows you to pick among many options to fill your profile. I'm testing it right now and I'm not ready to make a final review untill I receive my first payment. But I advise you to join. The registration process is a little slow if you want to fill your profile, but it gets funny to see all that big community options.

try myLot

Evaluation: 4 bucks out of 10. - (Can't have more than 5 bucks since payout hasn't been confirmed)

ePAID - Get Paid Online

ePAID is a blog project that I wanted to develop for a long time. Here will be discussed many online money making opportunities (and since blogspot is almost a web 2.0 technology) with blog users, and I will review all the programs I tested and share my oppinion. So stick with ePAID and don't loose your time in scams and programs that will only make you loose money, time, and patience.

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