myLot is an interesting web program with a quite amazing community and really hot discussions. This is what I knew about it before I spent some more time reviewing the program more deeply. For those that never heard of myLot, there you can view the latest discussions, news, and blog postings all tailored to your interests and personal experience on myLot. So its quite a good site to mark as your homepage, instead of Google. What I found more interesting is that myLot allows users to make money (of course, or I wouldn't be posting a review about it); myLot pays you to use myLot (obviously), post discussions and respond to discussions.

(according to their faq, that I will paste here, you can earn money by:
Using myLot, post in discussions boards and responding to discussions.
Post quality content. For example, generate discussions that engage other users and provide insightful responses and comments to other users discussions to further the topic
Refer friends. For each person you send to myLot you will receive a bonus equal to 25% of their discussion and image earnings.)

You can request your money when you reach $10, and they pay you to PayPal (personally I thank them for that). We can say its a really trusty program for the time they are online, and for so many happy surfers. myLot isn't made to pay users, its made for users to enjoy surfing it, so it allows you to pick among many options to fill your profile. I'm testing it right now and I'm not ready to make a final review untill I receive my first payment. But I advise you to join. The registration process is a little slow if you want to fill your profile, but it gets funny to see all that big community options.

try myLot

Evaluation: 4 bucks out of 10. - (Can't have more than 5 bucks since payout hasn't been confirmed)