uCash - Get money for sharing links

uCash is an amazing program that allows you to shrink any URL and they even PAY YOU for having others clicking it! (So, how I like to call it, Paid-To-Link)

I wanted you to see my payment proof, or to see another site, with a long address ( http://www.thisAdressIsReallyLong.AndItBoresMeToWriteIt.def) i could convert it into something like http://ucash.in/0141245 . And all users that click in that would see the long adress page and you earn cash. What does ucash earns in advantage?! They have 2 options for you. Either you decide to make an intermission Ad, meaning that when user clicks in ucash link they will see for 15 seconds they publicity (pays higher this one), or you can ask uCash only to add a tiny banner on top of the page. No one complains, and you profit! Like Mr. Daniel R. Scroggin said "
The only way to know how customers see your business is to look at it through their eyes."
Try yourself this link that will redirect you to a page you should send people that don't like to search in google before asking:

Link with intermission ad: Click to see how it looks.

Link with top banner: Click to see how it looks.

Is that bothering having a top banner?! Even when you make cash from it?
uCash is defenitly a great program.

Negative side: you only earn 20% of your clicks. This is due to the 10 level referrals you get. But to compensate this, if you get an active referral that wants to get referrals for his own also, your a lucky winner!

try uCash

Evaluation: 7 bucks out of ten.