TowerClicks project

Hello to you all again.
Currently I have stopped posting for some time due to a project I joined. That project is called TowerClicks, and its trying to make some change in PTC world.
After TowerClicks launch, you can check its promotional offers (it will ask you to join other PTC's under towerclicks ref link), and will pay you 50% of the money your clicks generates to towerclicks. And that isn't all, after some payouts, towerclicks will upgrade, and then members of towerclicks will earn even more. This is the kind of projects that is good to open. It can never end up a scam, since there will always be money to pay users (in this case, 50% more money to pay).

So if you are interested and want to learn some more, feel free to join towerclicks.

try TowerClicks