Small introduction to PTC.

To those that are unware of what a PTC (or Paid-to-Click), is a program where you get generally more rewards than in one Paid To Read; The best paid to click open untill today is Bux.to, since they've proved they would last, and they reached the maximum success a ptc can get. The problem is that they are very slow at making payments, and that its almost impossible to get referrals.

In a paid to click you are paid for viewing ads an amount of time. The price for every 30 seconds generally is around 1cent. And, with the big difference from paid to reads, you only have 1 level of downline, and you are rewared with 100% of the money they get. Upgrading or purchasing referrals is a good point when you're aiming to maximise your monthly profit, tho, its getting risky to invest in new PTC's that appear in the market, since many of them only last a couple (if a couple) of months, and then the admins will run away with your money.

When you want to invest in a Pay To Click try searching the internet. Search for possible scam awards (Generally search that ptc name with the word "scam" after it, and you will have the best results about it), find if there are official forums, and try contacting support to make sure everything is working fine. Get your fingers on and start clicking your daily ads. Its a worse job than in a PaidToLink program (like uCash) but better than a PaidToRead. Bigger risks, better rewards haven't you heard before? This applies perfectly to Paid-To-Click programs.

Hope you enjoyed the little introduction to PTC world.


sagmondia disse...

Thanx for your good infos .This great that your share your informations with others.
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